Above: design example from my Miners project


My name is Sian Johnstone. I’m an artist and writer from the U.K.

After completing a degree in Illustration and Animation in 2016, I worked for two years in the print industry as an Artworker, which was a position that sparked my passion about everything publishing. This led me in 2022 to serve as the Design Editor to the Society of Young Publishers’ (SYP) quarterly magazine, InPrint.

Currently I am working on a variety of personal projects. These range from:

  • My Otherworld concept development (whose designs you can view here)
  • Writing a sequel to my first YA novel
  • Creating fan art for my favourite bands, games and programs (lots on my Instagram here).

In my spare, time along with reading, writing, and drawing, I enjoy learning as much about the things in life that intrigue me such as astrology, history, the paranormal, spirituality and Japanese culture.

I can be reached at sian.johnstone95@gmail.com or follow me on social media for regular updates: